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About us

This old farmhouse built centuries ago was bought by Fiona and Brandon in 2008 and restored lovingly. It is a place for the soul and to enjoy the stunning Salentine weather. We love the people and the area here.

Brandon is a veterinarian and Fiona a psychologist, but Fiona is now firmly a property manager and small scale farmer!

The property had been quite neglected for a long time, more than 80 years. There was no piped water or electricity or gas. Many of the rooms had earthen floors.  The roof was and is still constructed using very thick blocks of stone. Two barrel vaults are built which creates the strength and their intersection creates the star vault. This method of building creates the permanent stability for the building. On the outside of the roof this is laid with limestone pavers and the joints are sealed rather than having roofing materials. , walls, history and the stunning Salentine weather. 

Italian planning regulations were and are quite strict and certainly difficult to navigate, but the people of the area are warm and kind. Tradesmen very helpful and pleased that we were restoring with age old methods and materials.

For Fiona the restoration of this old fortified farmhouse has been a restoration of her soul as well. At the time of purchase there were no trees visible on site except for two tiny fig self seeded seedlings. Over the years of planting various trees, plants and an olive grove and seeing the premises come back to a natural life has been wonderful. 

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